Monday, April 16, 2012

TTC Video - World of Byzantium

TTC Video - World of Byzantium

TTC Video - World of Byzantium

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*TTC - The World Of

+00. Professor Bio.avi

+01. Imperial Crisis And Reform.avi

+02. Constantine.avi

+03. State And Society Under The Dominate.avi

+04. Imperial Rome And The Barbarians.avi

+05. The Rise Of Christianity.avi

+06. Imperial Church And Christian Dogma.avi

+07. The Friends of God - Ascetics And Monks.avi

+08. The Fall Of The Western Empire.avi

+09. The Age Of Justinian.avi

+10. The Reconquest Of The West.avi

+11. The Search For Religious Unity.avi

+12. The Birth Of Christian Aesthetics And Letters.avi

+13 The Emperor Heraclius.avi

+14 The Christian Citadel.avi

+15 Life In The Byzantine Dark Age.avi

+16 The Iconoclastic Controversy.avi

+17 Recovery Under The Macedonian Emperors.avi

+18 Imperial Zenith - Basil II.avi

+19 Imperial Collapse.avi

+20 Alexius I And The First Crusade.avi

+21 Comnenian Emperors And Crusaders.avi

+22 Imperial Exile And Restoration.avi

+23 Byzantine Letters And Aesthetics.avi

+24 The Fall Of Constantinople.avi

+25. End Credits.avi

+TTC The World of Byzantium.pdf

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