Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Les Paul& Mary Ford

Les Paul& Mary Ford

Les Paul& Mary Ford

HASH: 99275f742bf07a925c4e6efac7b42db1d611401c

*Les Paul& Mary Ford.zip

+24 Greatest Hits/01 VAYA CON DIOS.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/02 HOW HIGH THE MOON.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/03 JOHNNY IS THE BOY FOR ME.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/04 WALKIN' AND WHISTLIN' BLUES.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/05 WHISPERIG.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/06 MR. SANDMAN.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/07 TENNESSEE WALTZ.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/08 I'M SITTING ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/09 BYE BYE BLUES.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/10 TIGER RAG.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/11 THE JAZZ ME BLUES.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/12 I'M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/13 TICO-TICO.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/14 LOVER.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/15 LADY OF SPAIN.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/16 12TH STREET RAG.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/17 ST. LOUIS BLUES.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/18 MOCKIN' BIRD HILL.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/19 THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/20 NOLA.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/21 CARIOCA.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/22 GOOFUS.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/23 JEALOUS.mp3

+24 Greatest Hits/24 I'M A FOOL TO CARE.mp3

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