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Starmageddon 2 (ENG/RUS/2007)

Starmageddon 2 (ENG/RUS/2007)


Starmageddon 2 (ENG/RUS/2007)
PC | 2007 | English/Russian | Developer : CityInteractive | Publisher : CityInteractive | 424.43 MB
Genre : Aciton

In the middle of the third millennium, Earth is ruled by giant corporations. Their main task is to free space colonization until now, and there is no work no law, but ill law of the jungle! It is in the cabin space storm trooper throws you fate, precisely, you can decide the outcome of the great war for space, it is your name in letters of fire will be inscribed in the history time. Era that will be remembered as the descendants of Starmageddon a time when the universe shuddered. Features : Stunning three dimensional graphics and superb special effects simple, intuitive interface The original storyline Upgradeable spacecraft mass of diverse missions (from combat to supporting) many hours of space battles focus on the detailed design characters, many innovations borrowed from the best RPG, Interactive Music, varying depending on the situation, emotional nye conversations between the pilots and a lot of sound effects.

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